Lazio-Roma 0-0, Mourinho: “We love each other with Sarri”

“When you play against opponents of your level and draw it means that you don’t let a direct competitor earn 3 points”

“In defense we only have these players and when the referee has a criterion of giving two yellows in 20 minutes to two central defenders then we are in difficulty.” José Mourinho criticizes the referee after the 0-0 draw in the derby with Lazio. The Roma coach, in Dazn, also reserves a jab for former Giallorossi player Pedro. “He throws himself into the pool very well,” says the Special One.

“What does this point taste like? It tastes like a point. When you play you do it to win, it’s a positive point and it’s better than defeat. When you play against opponents of your level and you draw it means you don’t let a direct competitor earn 3 points”, he adds.

“The ones in the best condition played. Renato didn’t play, Pellegrini didn’t play, Aouar didn’t play. We played with three midfielders who could have had the legs, heart, head to play a match of this level. However, we played well, the goal was missed. Bove put two balls into the area that could have been good. Rui made an extraordinary save”, says Mou.

“Dybala? Paulo did a good job even without the ball. I could have changed him earlier but we need that confidence and class that he has. It’s one point, not two, just one. What did I say to Sarri at the end of the match? He is always ultra-nice to me. We talked before the match and joked with words during the week. However, we love each other and after the match I told him that for the next two weeks none of us will laugh but neither will we cry”, he concludes.