Lazio-Roma in the Italian Cup today, where to watch it on TV and streaming

The two teams, on the pitch at 6pm, will compete for a place in the semi-finals

Lazio-Roma today Wednesday 10 January 2024 at the Olimpico where the two teams will compete for a place in the semi-final of the Italian Cup: whoever passes will have to face the winner of Juventus-Frosinone. The appointment is at 6pm. It will be possible to watch the match live on free-to-air TV on Italia 1 or in streaming on Mediaset Infinity+ and Sport Mediaset.

Armored capital

The capital will be armored for the derby. There will be over a thousand law enforcement personnel on the field to avoid accidents. Comprehensive preventative services will start from yesterday evening in all places where the two fans gather. Wide-ranging checks were instead implemented today around the stadium. The first road closures in the Olimpico area will start as early as 2pm. The safety plan, already tested for the other derbies, was developed on Monday morning during a committee for order and safety in the prefecture and discussed during the technical table at the police station. Maximum attention will also be paid to the banners that will be brought into the stadium.

The security plan provides for a division between the two fans also for the parking areas: the Piazzale Clodio area is intended for the Giallorossi fans, the XVII Olimpiade area for the Biancocelesti which will be expanded to the point that by 8am on January 10th vehicles present in Viale dello Stadio Flaminio and Piazzale Ankara will have to be removed. Any vehicles parked on Largo Maresciallo Diaz, Via dei Robilant, Via Toscano, Via Contarini, Viale Antonino di San Giuliano, Piazzale and Lungotevere Diaz, Piazzale di Ponte Milvio, Via Cassia on the pedestrian area in front must also be removed by the same time. to the church of the Gran Madre di Dio, the entire car park on via Orti della Farnesina in front of the Ponte Milvio district of the State Police and finally from the road divider between via Orti della Farnesina and via della Farnesina. Viale del Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be closed to traffic and made entirely pedestrian.

Traffic will then be closed by 2pm (except for emergency vehicles, public transport, residents, mopeds, motorcycles and bicycles) on Viale Tor di Quinto between Via Civita Castellana and Largo Diaz, on Lungotevere Diaz between Largo and Piazzale De Bosis, on the Duca d’Aosta Bridge, along the entire Tiber Cadorna, della Vittoria and Oberdan and in Piazzale Maresciallo Giardino.

In anticipation of any safety needs also in the Piazza Mancini area, vehicles in Via Martino Longhi and in Piazza Mancini itself between Via Longhi and Via Antonazzo Romano must be removed by 8am on 10 January. In view of the notable influx of spectators, the police headquarters asked the Mobility department to upgrade the bus lines that allow fans to reach the stadium from the Clodio and XVII Olimpiade parking areas.