Lazio-Roma, it’s already a derby: Mourinho against Sarri, back and forth

The Biancoceleste coach: “Roma plays a friendly match in Europe”. Mourinho: “I have the mentality of someone who has won 25 titles”

The Lazio-Roma derby will be played on Sunday 12 November at 6pm but the challenge between coaches Maurizio Sarri and José Mourinho has already begun in front of the microphones. The two technicians engage in a prolonged back-and-forth over the calendar, a topic that is close to both of their hearts. Sarri criticized the schedule before the start of the championship, highlighting the sequence of difficult away games reserved for the Biancocelesti. Mourinho has accelerated in recent weeks, complaining after Inter-Roma and attacking the Serie A league – which he responded with a statement – ​​before last Sunday’s Roma-Lecce. Now the derby is approaching and the volume increases. Mourinho, last weekend, pointed the finger at the difference in rest days available to the two teams before the derby: Lazio played on Tuesday 7 November in the Champions League at home, Roma plays on Thursday 9 November in the Europa League in Prague .

What Sarri said

Yesterday, after the victory against Feyenoord, Sarri’s jab arrived. “Let’s hope we don’t have to pay the high price for injured players. Roma can afford a friendly match on Thursday and we fought a war against Feyenoord, there is a fundamental difference. It doesn’t seem to me to be the most intelligent on the part of the League program the derby at the end of a week with European commitments, it seems to me people unrelated to football: it could have been done differently. Roma in the Europa League have a ranking that allows them to rest several players”, Sarri’s words.

What Mourinho said

Soon, Mourinho’s reply. “Are we playing a friendly match in Prague? If anyone should feel offended by his statements it is the people of Slavia. I always respect my opponents, Slavia is an excellent team and what makes the difference is the way of thinking about the matches. Maybe the difference between a coach who has won 25 titles versus one who has won just a few is exactly this mentality: every match is played and there are no friendlies”, the jab at Sarri. “I would like to hear the League’s reaction to his statements, it was a direct and objective criticism, so I’m waiting”.