Lazio Tar, legitimate suspension of work and salary without green pass

The appeal of over a hundred civil servants was rejected

The Lazio TAR rejected the appeal of over a hundred public employees against the suspension from work and salary for not respecting the vaccination obligation, underlining ” the full legitimacy of the suspension measures ” for those without the green pass The appeal was presented by 127 public employees (from the defense, security and public rescue sector, as well as school staff).

Among the measures to make the vaccination obligation effective, the judges write ” the legislator has opted for an intermediate solution ” with the choice of suspension of work performance and ” vaccination being an essential requirement for carrying out work activities ‘, it seems logical and coherent that the absence of this determines the suspension of the relationship and of the remuneration, indeed, the failure to terminate the service relationship constitutes practical evidence of how the legislator has adopted a balanced solution that mediates between the containment of the pandemic and job protection ”.