Lazio, the video message after the controversy over the match with Juve

The Biancoceleste club publishes a clip with a series of fouls by the Bianconeri

Lazio responds with a video to the controversies, almost exclusively social, linked to the match won by the biancocelesti 2-1 against Juventus. Juventus fans, especially on Twitter, contested Lazio’s first goal, spoiled by a push from Milinkovic Savic against Alex Sandro. The episode was not sanctioned by the referee Di Bello and there was no intervention by the Var. In the final, a contact between Milinkovic Savic and Chiesa in the Capitoline area was under the spotlight. At the end of the match, the Biancoceleste coach Sarri summarized: “From the bench it could have looked like a foul by Milinkovic Savic, but Juve should have finished in 9 for the expulsions of Locatelli and Cuadrado”. On the other hand Landucci, alone on the bench due to the absence of the affected Allegri, dribbled away from every discussion avoiding commenting on refereeing episodes. From Juve, therefore, essentially no controversy.

Today, on Twitter, Lazio feels the need to take a stand with a video that collects fouls and irregularities attributable to Juve players. “The next day many are said. We prefer to see them again. Happy Easter!”, the message of the Capitoline society.