Lazio, Zingaretti: “I will resign within 3 weeks”

“The regional legislature has ended”

“The regional legislature is over, we approved the connected budget member who is about to go to the council, very important. It can be done in two or three weeks, I will resign immediately afterwards”. Thus Nicola Zigaretti in Controcampo on the Messaggero website.

“It is not correct that I intervene on the candidate and the alliances, but I reflect as President of the Region supported by a majority that coincides with the opposition to Meloni at the national level. A majority that has collected 49.5% against the 44% of the center-right and I believe that before making a political choice, it is a matter of common sense to do everything to verify that whoever is governing Lazio is trying to build a proposal for Lazio “. “United we are a great opportunity, united it is possible”.

UKRAINE – “Tomorrow I will be in front of the Russian embassy. We must keep very clear why there is that conflict, the Russian invasion, the armed violence against a people who have been invaded. Next to this, after 8 months it is right that they open forcefully all diplomatic initiatives. This does not mean putting everyone on the same level but putting in place tools to achieve peace “.

“What politics should never do is exploit an issue like this with people who die under bombs. There is also a demonstration organized by pacifist associations, without flags which I think is an opportunity to say that diplomacy must try to play a role “.

“This does not mean denying the consistency of the positions taken and indeed if today we can talk about a possible peace process it is because the Ukrainians have had the strength to get to this point with the resistance. Otherwise there would have been only the invasion of a sovereign state. Now, after 8 months, the escalation must be stopped by strengthening the diplomatic initiative. I believe if we are on this level, there will be no divisions “.

MELONS – “Populism and the populist right collects the votes by representing the problems, rarely offering solutions to the problems it denounces. What I ask is to give a solution to the problems of the Italians and we will evaluate these solutions, but we want to understand what they are. all different, it is not enough to be on stage and report problems. I don’t consider Giorgia Meloni an enemy, but an opponent. I recognize her not only the right to govern but also the status of political opponent and I ask her for solutions “.

M5S – “Conte’s initiative to strengthen the 5 Stars is absolutely legitimate. There is a transformation of this movement. We must not demonize attempts to build a relationship with the country that strengthens the opposition. We as Pd must open quickly a phase of new social, political and cultural rootedness. The turning point will be that of returning again and more clearly to people. We must stop thinking that the opponents are movements with which we have broken the road and we will do it together and think to rebuild roots starting from the vote of 25 September “.

THE OPPOSITION – “Letta is right, an opposition that is coordinated is stronger and more incisive. It will be up to the sensitivity of the leaders to understand that an opposition made together” may have a better “chance of scoring goals”.