Lazzerini (Ita): “In the first quarter of 2023 +18% in cash compared to the budget”

The CEO of Ita Airways speaking at the round table on the occasion of the reopening of the new pier of Terminal 1 in Fiumicino

“The first quarter of this year is paying off the efforts made last year. We are still in the preliminary balance, but we will close with 18% more cash than our budget”. This was indicated by the managing director of Ita Airways, Fabio Lazzerini, speaking at the round table on the occasion of the reopening of the new pier of terminal 1 in Fiumicino. “Ita continues to develop”, underlines the CEO. And the fleet “which has 74 aircraft will reach 93 at the end of the year”.

“We share AdR’s great satisfaction for this further, beautiful achievement. The ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ is, for us at Ita Airways, ‘home'”, says Lazzerini. “An airport and an airline company that bases its hub there live in ‘symbiosis’: as we understand it with our ADR partners it is a win-win relationship, because their customer is our customer and vice versa. Because our growth as a vector directly follows their development as a ‘home base'”.

“As well as their ability to offer ever more innovative services and ever more efficient infrastructures, both things they do very well!, corresponds the Company’s ability to make itself more attractive, both for incoming and in transit traffic, which we at Ita Airways we plan to increase more and more given our “hub & spoke” business model, also for the benefit of our “guests”, concludes Lazzerini

“As a flag carrier, which has in its mission the intention – I would even say the obligation – to contribute to the development of the country, right from Fiumicino we connect Italians traveling for work or vacation with Europe and in particular with intercontinental destinations. We support the connectivity of Italy to the rest of the world for incoming traffic, for business and for quality tourism from other continents”.