Le Carrè doubles, in Rome a corner of France at high altitude

Put one evening for dinner in a corner of France at high altitude: this is the new proposal that comes from Le Carré Français, a Roman reference point for transalpine food and wine in the local brasserie in Prati. A new entry that the restaurant founded by Jildaz Mahé proposes with a re-adaptation of its first floor in a log cabin style, complete with a fireplace that keeps company from a maxi-screen between velvet seats and warm furnishings, where you can spend the Christmas holidays and more cold of the year.

The menu designed ad hoc is typical of the mountain resorts across the border, with the timeless Raclette, fragrant breads that arrive from the flagship bakery of the place as well as pastry in French sauce, and of course the dishes of chef Letizia Tognelli. “The project was born from the idea of ​​completing the offer of French catering, which until now in Le Carré has favored the sea and the classics of the earth. The typical specialties of the mountains, of the Pyrenees area, but also of the volcanic Auvergne and the Alps, have a great place in our culinary tradition and, from today, there is an opportunity to get to know them, without having to leave Rome “, he says. Jildaz Mahé, flanked by his daughter Morgane.

Et voilà: like all self-respecting huts, the distinctive feature of the gastronomic proposals is abundance. The dishes on the menu are offered in “big” format, to be shared, in two or four people, such as the Tartiflette or the Savoyard fondue, a “monument” of Alpine gastronomy, and the Fondue Bourguignonne and the same Raclette, offered at natural, seasoned and with truffles. And then the Fondue, the Gigot (or Lamb’s leg) and the Côte de Boeuf (the rib of beef) cut at the table. Desserts, on the other hand, range from Chamonix blueberry pie to Norvégienne omelette to Tarte fine with apples with Normandy crème fraîche. At the chalet de Le Carré Français there is also space for the labels of the precious Cave à vin on the ground floor, with options also for glasses by the glass (including Champagne). All French bottles of excellence, from Pommard to Chablis to Henriot Brut-Souverains Champagne, created by niche producers from beyond the Alps, and landed in Le Carré after a careful selection.