Le Foche attacked: “Patient said I hadn’t treated the dog”

The immunologist hospitalized in Rome: “He is a person with problems”

“He was a patient of mine. He had had a spinal problem, but I had cured him. Then he started asking me to cure his dog. But I couldn’t, I’m not a vet. I think that’s why I was attacked But we’re talking about a person with problems.” Thus, heard by ‘Repubblica’, the immunologist Francesco Le Foche reports on the attack suffered by one of his patients in his office in Via Po in Rome. The man, who first hit him with a paperweight and then kicked and punched him, was stopped by an off-duty policeman and arrested for attempted murder. “To be honest, I don’t remember how he attacked me. I don’t know what happened. Honestly. I arrived at the Umberto hospital first in an unconscious state” explains the doctor.

“I must have seen him three or four times in total. He is a patient with spondylodiscitis. We treated him and he is fine now. But at a certain point he started calling me because his dog was sick. He wanted me to treat the dog too I told him several times: look, I’m not a vet, I’m sorry but I can’t help you. For this reason I can’t be of any use to you – continues the immunologist – For months he’s been presenting himself with the dog problem. Then I think that the dog died and this must have stirred something inside him. The dog was already being looked after by very good vets and if they had told him that nothing could be done it’s not like I could do anything. But he didn’t give up and insisted, ‘ Professor, you can do something. You have to help me. You can save my dog.”

Speaking further about the attacker, Le Foche adds: “He is very tall, big. Physically enormous. I was doing visits. He entered my office and attacked me. I weigh 67 kilos. It was impossible for me to contain him. The mother she’s a very decent person. A nice, gentle woman. Usually she’s the one who calms him down and keeps him at bay. This time she didn’t succeed.”