Le Foche attacked, the words to Domenica In: “Policeman saved my life”

The immunologist: “Today they checked me after two operations, the eye is highly traumatized”

“A policeman saved my life. Today they checked me after two operations, the eye is highly traumatized. We have to wait a bit, I think I can do it: I will do my best.” The professor Francesco Le Fochethe immunologist attacked in Rome in his office and hospitalized at the Policlinico Umberto I, answers Mara Venier’s questions in connection with Domenica In. During the covid pandemic, the immunologist participated in the Rai 1 broadcast providing information and clarifications on the virus , the consequences, the treatments.

“I am hospitalized at the Policlinico Umberto I, I am in excellent hands. The doctors are very good, respectable people and with a very high professional profile. I believe I was the victim of an unbalanced person, who has important personal problems. I treated him a few months ago for a spondylodiscitis. The treatment went well, after a few months he called me saying that I had to treat his dog. I explained that the vets should take care of it, he was very insistent”, says Le Foche.

“I tried to get out of this situation, but evidently I didn’t succeed. This person has a very serious mental disorder, with particular personal conditions. He said he was a boxer or a bouncer… I don’t remember anything about the attack, for luckily a policeman arrived… I want to thank this person, he avoided the worst, he saved my life. In general terms, the doctors in the front row, especially those in the emergency room, must be protected. I have no resentment for this person , his mother tried to hold him back but he was a person who couldn’t be controlled. I wanted to greet all the viewers of Domenica In, my patients and all the patients of all the doctors who are honored and proud to take care of the patients’ health”, he states .