Le Fotografe, the second season starts on Sky Arte

Written and directed by Francesco G. Raganato, the new season of The Photographers, the Sky Arte series dedicated to contemporary photography professionals, broadcast starting from 26 September. Previewed in the setting of PhEST, International Festival of Photography and Art in Monopoli, the docu-series focuses on the research of six artists who have made the camera their instrument of investigation around current and crucial topics for our society.

in the new episodes

We will talk about spirituality, the search for motherhood, memory, self-discovery, but also gender, adolescence and the community to which one belongs. The photographers they don’t just talk about issues related to the feminine, but reveal wider, more multifaceted, complex and fascinating worlds. Each photographer is carrying out her own personal research, is growing in her work, is affirming her presence in the world of our country’s visual culture. Each of them is contributing to changing and enriching the Italian photographic imagination. An anthological series, but not retrospective, with the gaze and the story always aimed at the present and the future.

Protagonists of the first two episodes, Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi and Chiara Fossati of which you can see the dedicated clips below.