Le Iene and the reportage on the Camorra, space in Saviano after the cancellation of ‘Insider’

The report by Giulio Golia and Francesca Di Stefano dedicated to one of the four mafias present in our territory is on air. The words of the journalist who has been under guard for 17 years

At the center of new appointment of ‘Le Iene’, today in prime time on Italia1 hosted by Veronica Gentili and Max Angioni, the reportage by Giulio Golia and Francesca Di Stefano will be dedicated to one of the four mafias present in our territory: the Camorra. “It is a journey-story of the people who continue to fight, despite the threats; of those who work as hard as they can to help their own reality; of those who think they have rediscovered their conscience after losing it and those of those who rebelled by denouncing the underworld”. Together with Giulio Golia, throughout the story, the presence of Roberto Saviano, writer, journalist and screenwriter, under guard for 17 years, “always a symbol of the fight against the Camorra”. Roberto Saviano also releases statements on his broadcast ‘Insider – Face to face with crime’ which was scheduled in the Rai schedule for last Saturday but then, according to Saviano, “cancelled without explanation”.

Saviano explains: “It was very bad, because ‘Insider’ was a program that had already been presented, in July there had been the presentation of the Rai schedules and there was also the trailer of the program. Without any motivation the CEO of Rai, Roberto Sergio, never said that it was closed because I violated the code of ethics, which in fact I did not violate, I now know the RAI code of ethics by heart. He said that it was his choice, among other things it is in his faculties”.

For Saviano, “it is purely political revenge, terrible, I’m sorry because there was a great job by the team. It was already closed, assembled: it is very bad to silence this type of story, because it shows that in reality there is no it is no priority of the anti-mafia story. If someone who is politically unwelcome does it, we don’t care, they will cancel you. The mafias want news, they don’t want in-depth analysis, analysis and above all debate”.

‘Le Iene’ thus wanted to offer Roberto Saviano “the space that would have been denied him”both within the reportage and, soon, also in an episode of ‘Le Iene presents: Inside’, the spin off of the programme, broadcast from Thursday on Italia 1. Nicolò De Devitiis tells the story of Baby Gang, the most loved one at the moment.

The correspondent shows his unpublished life within the community in which he finds himself, including stories of his difficult childhood and problems with justice. Despite everything, the rapper explains how he achieved his redemption through music, transforming a life marked by numerous obstacles into a new opportunity. The creator of the program is Davide Parenti, directed by Antonio Monti.