Leak of documents from the Pentagon, show arrest of the “mole”. VIDEO

A show arrest, even broadcast live on television. It is the one that involved FBI agents who arrested Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old National Guardsman suspected of being responsible for a major leak of confidential US government documents, including particularly sensitive material related to the war in Ukraine. The arrest was the culmination of a week-long investigation into what was considered one of the most damaging leaks of sensitive information to the country since the release of National Security Agency documents in 2013. by Edward Snowden. Already today the young aviator could appear in court. The Washington Post writes it.

The arrest show

As confirmed by the US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, Teixeira, an employee of the US Air Force National Guard, has been identified as the leader of the online chat group in which the secret documents first appeared. His arrest was “without incident” and was conducted by FBI agents “in connection with an investigation into the alleged unauthorized extraction, retention and transmission of classified national defense information,” Garland said. The images of the operation carried out in North Dighton, in the state of Massachusetts, showed the suspect, dressed in red shorts and a T-shirt, putting his hands behind his head in sight of the officers, slowly backing away towards the same officers who stopped him.

Who is Jack Teixeira

The U.S. National Guard Bureau noted that Teixeira enlisted in September 2019. He is an information and communications technology specialist who attained the rank of Airman 1st Class, the third lowest among personnel. of the Air Force enlisted. According to the Pentagon, the leak of which the 21-year-old is allegedly responsible represents a “very serious” risk to the national security of the United States. And spokesman Pat Ryder called it a “deliberate criminal act”.

Documents released online

The arrest of the airman came just a day after the Washington Post reported on a man who worked at a US military base as the author of the online publication of hundreds of pages of documents on the social media platform Discord. According to the New York Times, then, a “trail of digital evidence” has indicated the 21-year-old as the leader of the IT group, called “Thug Shaker Central”, in which the documents in question appeared. The leak, among other things, shed light on US concerns about the feasibility of an imminent counteroffensive by Kiev forces against Russian troops, as well as fears for Ukrainian air defenses, signaling that Washington may be spying on allies. , including Israel and South Korea. The alleged leaker, who called himself “OG” and the group of people who shared the files with him, is said to be made up of about 24 members, including people from Russia and Ukraine.