Learn about the particular and dangerous disease that Shakira suffers from

The 44-year-old Colombian singer Shakira She is ready to release a new album and spent a lot of time concentrating in the recording studio during 2021. Now all that remains is the release and an international tour that will apparently take place next year in front of her fans around the world.

Shakira. Source: Terra file

Already with the album soon to come out, Shakira He dedicates his time to his children, whom he boasts whenever he can on social networks to his more than 70 million followers from all over the world. The singer loves her children although now it is known that she had two complicated pregnancies due to a strange disease she suffers.

It is about toxoplasmosis, a pathology spread by cats or by contact with poorly sanitized kitchen utensils. This can bring mild infections but can also be fatal if it is not treated in time by a specialized professional. What is risky is that it affects fetuses when they are in full pregnancy.

Shakira pregnant. Source: instagram @padrisimomagazine

Shakira She was under professional and medicated supervision during her two pregnancies, both in Milan in 2013 and Sasha’s in 2015, which took a long time to confirm but the matter did not pass to greater. Symptoms are hemiplegia, gait and balance disorders, blurred vision, or eye pain.

Shakira pregnant. Source: instagram @shakirafansestadosunidos

During these days, Shakira is immersed in rumors of a close wedding with her partner and father of her children, the Catalan soccer player Gerard Piqué. Although they have been together for 10 years, they never went through the altar despite the requests of the Barcelona reference, and apparently now, that wish would come true.