Learn about the particular opinion that Chespirito, creator of Chavo del 8, had about Chile and its people

The guy from 8 It is one of the most watched productions in the last decades on open television in all of America. This year it turned 50 years since its first broadcast and fans around the world celebrated it on social networks, where they also often remember the episodes created by Roberto Gomez Bolaños.

chespirito visited Chile on several occasions, the guy from 8 It began to be broadcast on TVN in the 70’s and the furor was immediate as in other corners of the world. In 1977 the entire cast of this Mexican production toured the country with a tour that included cities such as Viña del Mar, Santiago, La Serena, Arica, Antofagasta and Rancagua.

The most applauded of Chavo del 8 At that time it was the character of Don Ramón and all those attending the National Stadium applauded him standing up but there were also detractors who criticized the space chosen for the shows since a detention and torture center operated there after the military coup that overthrew Salvador Allende in 1973.

Roberto Gomez Bolanos He visited Chile several times after that occasion and the last time was in 2008 with his wife Florinda Meza. On that occasion, he presented his work 11 and 12 on Telethon, written by him with the leading role of the actress he fell in love with on the recording set.

Roberto Gomez Bolaños. Source: Terra archive

In conversations with the newspaper La Tercera, Roberto Gomez Bolanos He highlighted: “I still admire your country a lot, although sometimes I don’t like the excess of Europeanism that exists in Chile. There is no open discrimination, but there is a preference for whites with blue eyes. In Mexico that does not fit ”.

Cast Chavo del 8. Source: Terra archive

When asked to Roberto Gomez Bolanos who delved into the subject said: “I see it in the abstention of the other, of the American origin. And I speak of America not as the gringos apply it, but as the most real concept. It also happens in Argentina, I don’t want it to seem like a single criticism of Chile.