‘Lease’, the Assilea Leasing Exhibition, returns on 25 and 26 October in Milan

The Leasing Exhibition organized by Assilea returns to Milan on 25 and 26 October 2023, at Palazzo Emilio Turati, this year focused on the challenges and prospects of the future for the Italian economy, the changes underway and the investment and growth, the role of leasing in supporting businesses, with a new format that increases networking opportunities for businesses.

The two days will see alternating speakers on stage from the institutional, associative and business system worlds, who will discuss 5 round tables on the topics of the real economy, access to credit and the related new regulatory scenarios determined by Basel 3+ , the role of leasing as an enabler of the Pnrr, the policies to support sustainable investments, the promotion of the culture of the leasing instrument also among public decision makers.

Among others, speakers will include Marco Fortis, vice president and director of the Edison Foundation, Emanuele Orsini, vice president of Confindustria, Marco Granelli, president of Confartigianato Imprese, Gianfranco Torriero, deputy general director of Abi, Andrea Pilati, deputy head of the banking and financial supervision department of Banca d ‘Italy and, representing the European authorities, Irene Tinagli, president of the Econ commission at the European Parliament, and Marco Zanni MEP.

Lease2023 will start on 25 October 2023 at 10.00 am, with the interview of the president of Assilea, Carlo Mescieri, with the president of Abi, Antonio Patuelli and the subsequent discussion entitled ‘Challenges and prospects for the Italian economy, businesses and leasing’.

“Leasing in Italy confirms, also in 2023, the fundamental role of supporting economic activity and in particular the fixed investments of the country’s backbone, represented by the world of work, artisans, SMEs and professions, which contributes to 70% of wealth produced – underlines the President of Assilea, Carlo Mescieri – Companies and self-employed workers know that they will always be able to count on this financial instrument, unique for its main characteristics, and on Assilea’s constant commitment to being at their side on a growth path increasingly sustainable”.

“Assilea places Italy’s growth at the center of dialogue and discussion with the government, while at a European level it works together with Abi on the crucial legislative proposal to revise the Basel 3+ criteria to obtain a lower ‘capital absorption’ of productive investments in leasing and, therefore, encourage access to credit for SMEs”, concludes Mescieri.

Lease2023, the ‘focus’ themes

‘The Italian macroeconomic context, SMEs and leasing’

After the consolidation of the recovery, which in recent years has seen Italy grow more than Germany, France and the UK, access to credit for SMEs and artisans is the crux for the development of the Italian economy and leasing is the essential tool to support investments.

‘The European Commission’s legislative proposal crr3: credit risk and capital absorption. opportunities and threats for SMEs

The revision of the Basel 3 criteria is the crucial battle to guarantee access to credit for SMEs and artisans, for which Assilea, together with ABI, is working at a European level for the recognition of correct capital requirements due to the proven lower risk of leasing.

‘Credit agents and brokers: credit consultancy and law 141’

The evolution of the roles of professions represents a crucial step in the growth of the sector. The need for a reform of specific legislation and the comparison with other EU countries are at the center of the debate.

‘Support for businesses: guarantees and economic development policies’

Policies to support economic development, together with credit guarantees, represent a strategic issue for the growth of Italian companies and for the competitiveness of the country. The role of leasing.

‘Pnrr: leasing as an enabler for businesses’

In addition to the incentives provided by the PNRR, leasing can channel further resources of up to 105 billion into the country’s economic system in the four-year period 2023-2026. This is why Assilea is working with the government to obtain full recognition of leasing as a financing instrument in all the measures of the PNRR.

‘Sustainable growth: opportunities and threats’

The environmental and economic sustainability of productive investments is, and will be, increasingly essential to seize the growth opportunities offered by the energy transition. The regulatory framework of reference, the implications on leasing processes and the sustainability balance sheet as keys to understanding.

The leasing market

The Assilea Study Center has detected for the first nine months of 2023 an overall growth of the leasing market of +11.7% compared to the same period of the previous year, for a total of 25.1 billion euros, confirming the growth trend started in 2021 (+25.6% on 2020) and continued in 2022 (+9.7% on 2021). 85.4% of companies that entered into leasing contracts in 2022 are SMEs. The percentage impact of leasing on Italian GDP is also growing. The overall dynamics of stipulations is driven by the strong increase in car leasing (+36%), with one in three ‘green’ cars financed through long-term leasing or rental.

However, the volumes of instrumental leasing (-13.5%) and real estate leasing (-11.0%) were negatively affected by the ECB’s restrictive monetary policies. The volume of leasing financing on plants for the production of energy from renewable sources triples. Finally, the excellent impact of leasing on total Nuova Sabatini investments is confirmed, with over 4.7 billion in financing, equal to 70% of the overall total. Regarding customers who have signed new leasing contracts in 2022, there is an incidence of more than 50% of companies that have a strong propensity for growth, a figure more than double the Italian average.