Leave a day in Rome, the trailer and poster of the Sky Original film

The new Sky Original film will arrive on January 1st at 9.15 pm on Sky Cinema Uno, streaming on NOW and available on demand. Leave one day in Rome, an Italian-Spanish co-production Italian International Film – Neo Art Producciones with Vision Distribution, produced by Fulvio and Federica Lucisano.

Leave one day in Rome is a film by Edoardo Leo, with Edoardo Leo (Us and Giulia, Perfect strangers, I can stop when I want, The goddess of luck), Marta Nieto (Mother, Tres, El Camino De Los Ingleses), Claudia Gerini (Ammore and Malavita, The Passion, Honeymoons) and Stefano Fresi (Criminal novel, I can stop when I want, The Befana comes at night).

Leave one day in Rome, the plot of the movie

How difficult is it to separate after a long relationship, after ten years of cohabitation or marriage? How difficult is it to find the words, the ways? How complicated is it to want to leave a man without making him suffer? And what if one day, in a moment of desperation and loneliness, you write to a mail of the heart? To let off steam or to find someone who would suggest us how to do it, how to be able to separate without making our partner suffer? But above all, what would happen if that anonymous letter reached our partner?

The words of Edoardo Leo

“In recent years, many things have happened, on a professional level, for me and very different from each other. These artistic facts have had a constant, the relationship with Sky – Vision Distribution in my films as an interpreter and above all the path started together in my films as director and screenwriter, all produced by Italian International Film. We have ‘chosen’ ourselves and we have many projects in the pipeline including films made and others still to be done. But it all started with a falling in love, exactly as it happens in the film, with Leave one day in Rome. I was the first to be produced right after the lockdown and, despite the obvious difficulties, they allowed me to do a great international co-production with a wonderful cast. A great Spanish star like Marta Nieto and two friends like Claudia Gerini and Stefano Fresi. A story that I have wanted to make for a long time and that, in this very particular historical moment, I am happy to have been chosen as the Sky Original for New Year’s Eve ”.

Antonella d’Errico, Executive Vice President Programming Sky Italia stated: “We are very happy to start 2022 with Edoardo Leo’s film, which is part of the Sky Original films in which we continue to invest and work intensively and which have brought surprisingly positive results in just one year. Leave One Day In Rome – produced with our partners Vision and Italian International Film – is an important film for Edoardo, which marks his return as an author and performer to an intimate story, in which feelings are told with the right and delicate balance, thanks also to a excellent cast. And it is for Sky, the perfect film for the first day of the year, an important date for everyone and for the Sky Cinema audience ”.

Federica Lucisano, CEO of Italian International Film (Lucisano Group) he has declared: “This film offers unforgettable emotions and I am happy to be able to offer them to the general Sky audience during the holiday season. It is a joy and a sign of great hope to launch such a beautiful film on the very first day of the new year. I thank Edoardo Leo, Sky and Vision Distribution for sharing with us the path that has brought us up to here. “

Massimiliano Orfei, CEO of Vision Distribution said: “With Vision we are proud to continue this path alongside Edoardo, who sees him engaged as an author, actor and director in various projects with us. Leave one day in Rome it is a film we believed in from the beginning and we are sure it will meet the taste of its audience during the holiday season. “