Leave Cortesie for the guests: the announcement of the beloved judge blows the fans away

After so many years he leaves Courtesy for the Guests: the announcement of the much loved judge has blown away the fans.

Courtesies for guests has been keeping us company for many years. Aired on Real Time, it is very popular. In each episode we see two couples competing. A lunch or dinner is offered to the three judges and the rival couple. The three conductors give a vote and their opinion, each in its specific field, as in the furnishing of the house, in the way of setting the table and entertaining guests and courses.

courtesies for guests, the beloved judge leaves the format (source youtube)

Only at the end, the results are revealed and the winning couple take home a prize. The three judges are Csaba Dalla Zorza, Roberto Valbuzzi and Diego Thomas. As we mentioned above, a much loved judge decided to leave the format. On his social channel, he made the announcement.

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Courtesies for guests, the beloved judge leaves the program: the announcement on social media

After three years and hundreds of episodes, Diego Thomas has decided to leave, perhaps, for this new edition, or even for the others, Courtesies For Guests. It was the judge and host of the beloved format who made the announcement. He published a long post on his very popular instagram channel, in which he broke the news to his thousands of fans.

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Dear friends and dear friends, to you who follow me I share first of all a choice that I made, after more than three years, 298 episodes and 596 dinners, I will not be present in the new episodes of Courtesy for guests. Cortesie is a program that has given me a lot “, he wrote in support of the post, in which he published several photos together with the other two judges.

Diego Thomas
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Well, it’s really true, Thomas, architect and interior designer has made this important decision: he will not be present in the new episodes of Cortesie per gli stelle. Apparently, as he wrote, he decided to focus on Architecture and other personal projects: “There is a time for everything, this is the time to dedicate myself to something else “. After this announcement, there were thousands of comments, and many followers were sorry for this choice.