LeBron James sent off by elbow, Pistons-Lakers chaos – Video

The Los Angeles star hits Stewart who loses his mind

LeBron James sent off and chaos on the court during Detroit Pistons-Los Angeles Lakers. The match, won by the yellow-violet 121-116, ‘shines’ above all for the uproar that broke out in the third period. James, fighting for a rebound with Isaiah Stewart, hits the Pistons center in the face. Stewart finds himself with a deep cut – which will require 5 stitches – and literally loses his mind.

The long man, held back by his teammates and coaches, tries to free himself to go hunting for James and get justice. The scene, which in some ways recalls the famous Pistons-Pacers brawl of over 10 years ago, continues until Stewart’s return to the locker room, with a final mini-twist: the center of the Pistons is freed and begins to run in the tunnel, probably to look for a contact at the photo finish with James. Mission failed, apparently. In the end, mouths sewn up for the two protagonists of the story. Instead, teammates and coaches speak: “It was not LeBron who initiated the contact,” said Frank Vogel, coach of the Lakers. “He got an elbow in the side, he waved to free himself. It was an accidental contact.”