Lecce-Milan, the canceled goal arrives in Parliament: “Something never seen before”

Deputies and senators who are Giallorossi fans do not accept the referee’s decision

Lecce scores the 3-2 against Milan in the 94th minute with Piccoli, the referee Abisso cancels after the VAR warning for a mini-stomping suffered by Thiaw. Inevitable controversies, with a queue in Parliament. “We witnessed something absurd, there were many of us at the stadium, at the Ettore Giardiniero, it is not possible for this thing to pass, I also say this as president of the Senate Sports Commission, we are not stopping here…”, says Roberto Marti , senator from Lecce of the League.

The failure to win against the Rossoneri, after the Salento team had already accomplished the feat of overcoming two goals against Milan, sent the members of the Lecce Club Parliament into a rage: “The referee Rosario Abisso ruined a beautiful fairy tale that the players the Giallorossi have built with merit and effort”, say in chorus Erio Congedo of Fratelli d’Italia, the five-star Antonio Trevisi, senator of the League, Leonardo Donno (M5S), Andrea Caroppo (Forza Italia), the dem Claudio Stefanazzi and the Northern League member Toti In the morning. For them today it doesn’t matter to sit on the benches of the majority and the opposition.

Indeed, everyone agreed in condemning the VAR which canceled out Piccoli’s goal. “The Lecce player – they explain in their reconstruction – always looked at the ball and it cannot be expected that an attacker can have even two eyes behind his back to avoid even the slightest contact with players behind him”. Congedo and the others then point out that “the Milan players did not protest, being aware that there was no foul, but simply a normal game action”. Marti leads the revolt: “We will not stop, Parliament and parliamentarians must clarify, I will act as president of the Sports Commission. We have the right and duty to shed light on this incredible episode, something never seen before and – he tells Adnkronos – in the next few hours you will see our initiatives. I am a representative of the institutions and I was also at the stadium, I cannot back out…”.