Lega and Fdi abstain from the EP on the yes to the Istanbul Convention. Say to Meloni: “Worry”

“You are the first prime minister in Italy, a country that has one woman killed every three days, and which ranks 63rd in the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap ranking. What are you going to do?” The letter from Donne in Rete to the premier against violence. Schlein: “A shame”

The Fdi and Lega delegations abstained in both votes on the Eurochamber’s request to join the Istanbul Convention against violence against women. The two votes concerned a first resolution which dealt with accession to the Convention in the public sector and a second which instead focused on judicial cooperation and asylum. Both resolutions were voted by a large majority. S&d, Renew, Verdi, Sinistra, M5S and the vast majority of the EPP voted in favour, while the Lega and Fdi opted instead for abstention. A dangerous signal for DiRe-Donne in Rete against violence, which today expressed all her concern in an open letter sent to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The letter underlines how the Istanbul Convention is “an international instrument for the protection of the rights of victims of ill-treatment and violence”, and recalls not only the abstention of the Brothers of Italy and the League, but also “the two votes against by of the two Italian parties that are part of the coalition of the Government you preside over”.

“Premier Meloni, what are you going to do?”

“We are even more concerned – we read – by the declarations of Carlo Fidanza, head of the delegation of the Brothers of Italy in the European Parliament, and of MEP Vincenzo Sofo, according to whom the Istanbul Convention becomes the Trojan horse to impose the agenda gender: these are groundless arguments that call into question the whole anti-violence system that has been trying to build for years and that try to bring Italy into line with the European countries that are distinguishing themselves by contrasting women’s rights” . “There can be no positive evolution in the condition of women – they write – if those who reach roles of power and responsibility do not work to bring down sexist discrimination and do not commit themselves to guaranteeing freedom from violence for all. She is the first president of the Council in Italy, a country that counts one woman killed every three days, which has millions of women victims of male violence and which ranks 63rd in the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap ranking. What are you going to do?” .

Schlein: “Not to vote for the Convention, a shame”

There were many political reactions outraged by the abstention of Fdi and Lega, from Schlein to Zan. In the EU “FdI and Lega have decided to abstain from voting to ratify the Istanbul Convention on gender-based violence, I say shame. How can you not vote for the most important international treaty that aims to combat violence against women? Some European countries they have not ratified it, like Orban’s Hungary,” said the leader of the Democratic Party. “Meloni and Salvini do not support the most important international act against violence against women. The reason? The phantom gender ideology. We are delirious”, wrote the deputy of the Democratic Party Alessandro Zan on Twitter. Also for Mara Carfagna, president of Azione, “the abstention of Lega and Fdi on the ratification of the Istanbul Convention in the European Parliament is a slap in the face to women’s rights and to the reputation of Italy, which has always been at the forefront in the fight against violence against women”.