Lega, Ciocca: “Northern Committee does not question Salvini”

“When Bossi orders you can only work”

“When Bossi orders you can only workthat of the ‘Northern Committee’ is a project that aims to prevent the League from falling apart, an operation to regroup important energies, that north that made the League great on the intuition of the founder, Umberto Bossi “. Strasbourg, Angelo Ciocca, MEP of the League, comments with AdnKronos on the ‘appointment’ that the old boss has reserved for him in the new political project (“I entrust him with the task of maintaining relations with militants and European institutions”, he said “From me maximum willingness to work on this line, a commitment for Bossi, but within the League for Salvini premier and in the interest of this team”, he adds.

Ciocca thus holds back on the hypothesis of splitting and on the risks that the operation would have for Salvini’s leadership: “I would say that he is not in discussion, nor do I see a split at the gates, because those who want a split are not forming an internal committee of a party they want to leave .. . “. So the plan “is to forcefully reclaim the needs of the north, to really listen to what the real needs are, the bills and even regional autonomy”. “This – he assures – it is a great opportunity for the Lega, Salvini is intelligent and will know how to seize it“.

“Anyone who wants to wear a green handkerchief is welcome, I believe that in this country there is still the freedom to do so,” he says. To those who remain outside the project, because they do not have a Salvinian League card, Ciocca explains: “To join the Committee, to Bossi’s idea, you have to be internal, this is the decision, they too take the blue card of the League to Salvini premier “, he says, with reference to the members of the old Northern League and dissidents from the North, to the various Roberto Castelli, Gianni Fava and the others who are following with attention (and some doubts) the move of Umberto Bossi in these hours.