Lega demonstration in Milan, Salvini against pro-Palestine march: “Fascists”

“Islamic terrorism is the plague of the century”

The last remaining fascists are only those who are parading through Milan to hate Israel, nostalgic for hatred and fear“. Thus Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini from the stage of the pro-Israel demonstration ‘For the defense of the West and freedoms’, organized by the League in Milan. “Islamic terrorism is the plague of this century“, even if “someone is afraid to use this adjective”. Salvini specified that it is not “a place where civilizations clash” and that “our enemy is not Islam, but fanaticism, extremism and Islamic terrorism”.

“They told us not to organize this demonstration. ‘You are right but don’t go and say it’. This square is the demonstration that we are not afraid and fear is the first result that terrorists bring home.” “The news says that in Iran there are a man and a woman sentenced to death for adultery: I expect the UN leaders to fly to Tehran, which in recent years has had a record number of sentences by hanging. It is barbaric and they go to nitpick Israel…”. “Anti-Semitism is a virulent plague, it is a cancer. I think we must face the problem with seriousness and determination at home too” he adds.

Finally, the deputy prime minister quoted Paolo Borsellino “those who are afraid die every day, those who are not afraid die only once” and underlined that “Italy, the West and democracy cannot be afraid”.