Lega, Ravetto launches ‘raffle’ to finance party: “The prize? A day with me”

The fundraising in support of the Northern League in a video on social media

”Today is my day, in the sense that it is the day dedicated to me to support the League. If you want, I’ll attach the address, any liberal donation deductible at 26%, any amount is fine… In any case, thank you, thank you for following me…”. Northern League member Laura Ravetto launches a sort of ‘social raffle’ through a video to promote fundraising to support the Northern League. ”If you think that I am one of your favorite deputies, if you are also interested in these symbolic prizes that I give’, make a donation, writes the head of the Equal Opportunities Department of Matteo Salvini’s party on Twitter.

Ravetto indicates the ‘prizes’ that he will award to the most generous financiers: ”The one who contributes the most will come with me to a television editorial office, the second will take a tour with me in Parliament, the third will be able to post a message at his discretion on my social networks . If you are interested in this, if you want to support us, if you believe in our battles”, make a donation, insists the Northern League parliamentarian.