Lega, Salvini: “I will bring the party back to 30%”

“Easy to leave after a knockout vote as some do. Bossi Committee? Where there is his signature immediately below is mine”

The confrontation between Matteo Salvini and the northern territory remains on the shields, after the stomach ache of the old leaguers, starting with the move of the ‘Northern Committee’ set up by Umberto Bossi. Last night, the leader of the League, a guest in Saronno, in the Varese area, met with leaders, local administrators and militants on a party initiative. No one hides – according to what filters from the confrontation behind closed doors – that the electoral result of the League was disappointing, but no one points the finger at the secretary. On the contrary.

Thus, according to what AdnKronos learns, Salvini himself has a good game to claim the work done, clarifying that there are no hypotheses of side steps in the party: “Too comfortable – he would say – to do as others do, there are those who leave secretariat after the electoral defeat “, is the reasoning with implicit reference to Letta and the Democratic Party. “I – he warns – will only leave when I bring the League back to 30%”. Attilio Fontana (whom Salvini confirmed to be the candidate for the Region) and Giancarlo Giorgetti also listened to him. With the Minister for Economic Development that he would have retraced the stages of the League’s commitment to the government, explaining that in any case it was better to stay in the government to make things possible.

At the table and in the audience, with the militants also Senator Stefano Candiani and other leaders. Then the time for a joke from Francesco Speroni, an early Northern League supporter and former Minister for Reforms in the first Berlusconi government. “What should we do with the Bossi Committee? Can I sign too?” is the question addressed to Salvini. “Where Bossi’s signature is, mine is immediately below”, would have been the secretary’s reply.