Lega, today the record-breaking Pontida between Europe, autonomy and security

Six governors and five ministers on stage, closed by secretary Salvini, guest Marine Le Pen

Today, in what promises to be a ‘record Pontida’, the League’s campaign begins for the next European elections, but also for the vote in the local elections. For the 35th edition of the event founded in 1990 (there were multiple events in the same year) thousands of people are expected: around 200 coaches, of which around fifty are ‘branded’ in Lombardy, the host region which accounts for the lion’s share of attendance, they are expected to listen to the speeches of the six Northern League governors, the five Northern League ministers, the guest and protagonist of French politics Marine Le Pen and the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini who will close the speeches.

“It is an important, fundamental appointment. There is much anticipation for the speeches of Salvini and Le Pen, with whom there is a path of sharing. In fact, the European electoral campaign will begin, it will be the beginning of a path to create an alternative to a Europe led by socialists which does not bring things of common sense and which puts its hands in the pockets of citizens”, Fabrizio Cecchetti, Lombard coordinator of the Northern League, explains to Adnkronos.

“The administrative campaign will also begin, another fundamental step. In Lombardy 949 municipalities will go to vote next spring, in practice two thirds of the Lombard municipalities will go to the polls. We start with 136 outgoing mayors like Lega who we would like to confirm. We have started the national tables and regional last week, we are interested in fielding the best candidate to govern with common sense, to give concrete answers. It is not a problem of flags.”

But Pontida will also be an opportunity to take stock of the majority’s work. “We consider the nine months of government to be absolutely positive both in terms of quantity and quality, starting with autonomy, an issue that is close to the heart of our base (3 million Lombards voted in favor in the referendum in 2017). In recent months, with Minister Roberto Calderoli spoke about autonomy as has never been done in the last 30 years and the bill is continuing its process in the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate”.

Also promoted by the Northern League member Cecchetti was the Minister of Economy Giancarlo Giorgetti who removed “that citizen’s income which cost Italian citizens 31 billion euros, without having created a job”, money now diverted to “employees and minimum pensions”, while the objective of the maneuver is to confirm the cutting of the tax wedge and the lowering of labor costs. “The Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara is bringing order to the organization of the school, while Minister Locatelli is doing everything and more. The flax tax and other things are missing, but everything cannot be done in nine months” he adds.

“The attitude that the League is giving within this government is positive, we expect a record-breaking Pontida, to demonstrate the closeness to Salvini, to our ministers and administrators for the excellent work they are doing”. As Minister of Infrastructure Salvini “in Lombardy alone he reopened 40 construction sites” which translate into jobs. “Those who make controversy about the bridge over the Strait forget that it doesn’t take away even a single construction site from other regions, it costs less than a year’s citizen’s income, it will bring wealth to everyone and the entrepreneurs will have most of the economic benefits for the work of the North”.

Among the key words of Pontida – where there will also be space for the memory of Silvio Berlusconi and Roberto Maroni – immigration and security cannot be missing, which have always been themes of the Northern League campaigns. From the baby gang decree to the issue of unaccompanied minors, all eyes are on the African continent which “is collapsing, between hunger and wars. If Europe does not intervene and change pace, Italy alone cannot solve the problem” explains the Northern League exponent who is critical of the closed attitudes of France and Germany until yesterday.

“If we hadn’t been organised, there would really have been a collapse, Minister Piantedosi and Undersecretary Molteni are doing very well despite being left alone. With Salvini as Minister of the Interior we had a negative record of arrivals, but there was a very geopolitical situation different. We are doing our part, but Europe does not take into account that Lampedusa is a European border. Europe cannot think of Italy only for taxes and abandon it on the issue of migrants” underlines Cecchetti. “The League stopped the landings when it could, while Europe fills its mouth with solidarity. Salvini in a normal country should have received medals for valor but instead he is on trial. We are doing a lot, but alone it is difficult to stop these numbers”.

Under a sky that promises no rain and in front of a 50 meter stage, the people of the League are ready today to celebrate and support the longest-standing party on the national scene which aims to have a greater voice in Brussels. “It will be a Pontida that looks to Europe, for a better Europe, alongside the citizens and that has as its compass common sense which is neither right nor left. Our political action starts again from that field in view of fundamental challenges for Lombardy, Italy and Europe” concludes Cecchetti.