Legal qualification in Spain with Degree and Master

Everything you need to know about the Spanish path to access the profession of lawyer with Grado en Derecho and Master en Abogacía: a safe and profitable training investment that allows you to start a legal career that can be spent internationally

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Access to legal profession it is a highly coveted goal that requires study, commitment and perseverance. In Italy, however, those who undertake this path often find themselves in difficulty due to the innumerable bureaucratic delays, inevitably resulting in a considerable waste of time and economic resources. The process that leads to acquiring the title of lawyer in Spain is based on two fundamental steps: Degree in Derecho and Master in Abogacíacrucial steps to be able to take the qualifying exam and to start a brilliant career.

The path that allows you to obtain theforensic qualification in Iberian soilIn fact, it is decidedly simpler and shorter than the Italian one, characterized by a long, generally unpaid practice which often prevents access to the bar.

Degree and Master: the Spanish way to become a lawyer

Acquiring the professional title of abogado in Spain, valid internationally in Spanish-speaking countries and beyond, means obtaining two qualifications: the degree in Spanish law (the so-called Grado en Derecho), and the Master en Abogacia.

By focusing attention on Grado en Derechothanks to the provisions of Royal Decree 967 in November 2014, those who have obtained a law degree in Italy can easily obtain title validation in Spaineffectively acquiring a second degree.

On the basis of the principle of credit mobility, in particular, the university credits previously acquired in Italy are evaluated by considering the overall training credits required by the Spanish degree, counting to plan the acquisition of the second qualification.

Furthermore, once you have obtained the Grade en Derecho, it is possible complete the Master en Abogacia in order to take the state exam, the last step to take to acquire the qualification.

The Master is a post-university training qualification which is issued by an officially recognized University, a real driving force for obtaining registration in the Register of established lawyers, i.e. professionals who carry out their activity on a stable basis in a State other than the one in which they obtained the qualification.

Advantages of the Spanish forensic qualification path

The Degree en Derecho and the Master en Abogacia they therefore precede the actual qualifying exam, which in Spain consists of a multiple choice test made up of 75 questions.

For those who choose the Iberian process to obtain the forensic qualification, the advantages are many:

  • it is possible to obtain the Degree and complete the Master’s degree within 24 months;
  • the Master en Abogacía includes online lessons;
  • the state exam in Spain is scheduled according to two annual sessions;
  • by passing the qualifying exam you obtain registration in the Spanish and Italian Registers.

Added value of the Spanish route, which can be defined a safe and profitable training investmentis the opportunity to rely on a specialized agency like TitoliSpagna to obtain support and support in relation to administrative and university procedures.