Legnano Theatre, from Cacciapaglia to Pisani-Follesa: the programme

Music, prose, comedians and cabaret, dance and family shows, the proposal of the 2023/24 program of the Teatro Città di Legnano Talisio Tirinnanzi, a program developed following the indications of the Municipal Administration (Tender) and therefore structured into events of different genres. The artistic proposal is broad and diversified in genres and languages, be they shows or other types of cultural initiatives, such as to satisfy the real demand of the public and broaden the interest to all age groups. The billboard is also conceived and planned strategically to position the Theater over time among the most representative locations of the Italian artistic panorama and to offer the city even more opportunities for leisure and culture with maximum usability of the entire billboard.

The curtain of the Municipal Theater of the City of Legnano Talisio Tirinnanzi will rise for the new season on Friday 20 October at 9.00 pm with the splendid voice of Alice for “Alice canta Battiato” and on stage, until late spring, shows and protagonists will be among the most loved ones including Andrea Pucci, Ginevra Fenyes, Katia Follesa and Angelo Pisani who will go on stage, together with their dance troupe, for the national premiere of the winter tour of their show “I can explain you”, Angelo Pisani will return in May on the stage of the Talisio Tirinnanzi with his show ‘Scomodo’, and again, on stage in the next season, I Musici by Francesco Guccini, Le Mille Bolle Magiche by Silvia The Bubble Fairy, the show “Accabadora” dramaturgy by Carlotta Corradi from the novel by Michela Murgia directed by Veronica Cruciani, Roberto Cacciapaglia, James Senese, Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov, The Last Days of Van Gogh The Rediscovered Diary theatrical show by and with Marco Goldin, Coppia Aperta Quasi Spalancata by Dario Fo and Franca Rame with Chiara Francini and Alessandro Federico, Santa’s Elves Family Show, The Night of the Gospel with the Virginia State Gospel Choir (USA), The NEW YEAR’S EVE SPECIAL on 31 December 2023 with the show “May it remain between us” by Giovanni Cacioppo. It will continue from January with the Grand Gala of Dance with the ballet company of the Milan Ballet directed by Carlo Pesta, Elio Germano and Teho Teardo, Shakespeare in rock, Natalino Balasso, Angelo Branduardi in duo with Fabio Valdemarin, Broadway Express Febbre da musical!, The Odd Couple by Neil Simon with Gianluca Guidi and Giampiero ingrassia, Uto Ughi, Otello by William Shakespeare directed by Andrea Baracco, Gabriele Cirilli, GiocaGiocattolo “When children sleep… toys play” a production of Teatro del Buratto, They Called Him Scintilla with Gianluca Fubelli Scintilla and with him on stage Giulio Cesare and Romolo Printz, Romeo and Juliet Ballet in two acts to music by PI Tchaikovsky, The Miser by Molière with the translation and adaptation by Letizia Russo and the directed by Luigi Saravo, Chiara Anicito, Gioele Dix and Valentina Cardinali, Little Women – The Broadway Musical, Milena Vukotic and Pino Micol, The Sword in the Stone directed by Sandra Bertuzzi and music by Piero Monterisi and Emanuele Brignola, Canto Libero homage to the songs of Battisti and Mogol, Umberto Galimberti, Enrico Ruggeri, Teo Mammucari, Vittorio Lingiardi, The Gruffalò the musical, Massimo Recalcati and Erika Minazzi, Corrado Tedeschi and Debora Caprioglio, Peter Pan and Wendy with adaptation and direction by Sandra Bertuzzi, Eugenio Finardi, Dario Cassini, Big One The Voice and The Sound of Pink Floyd and even other exciting guests.