Lemons in Winter, at the cinema from 30 November. An exclusive clip

Lemons in Winter, the film by Caterina Carone which will finally give Christian De Sica a good role in a drama film, will arrive in Italian cinemas on November 30th. The film is a Vision Distribution, Bartlebyfilm and Agresywna Banda production, produced by Massimo Di Rocco and Luigi Napoleone, and is distributed by Europictures. Sky TG24 has obtained an exclusive clip and offers it to you in the video at the head of this article.

The plot

Thanks to the proximity of their respective terraces, two strangers struggling with their own gardening activities begin to weave a profound dialogue, which helps them alleviate the pain of something serious, a secret, which each of the two tries to hide from themselves and from those around them . In that sort of limbo suspended between earth and sky, far from the speed of the city, Pietro and Eleonora teach each other to follow their hearts, to still believe in the “possibility of being happy”, before their paths separate again.


In addition to Christian De Sica, the cast counts on the presence of Teresa Saponangelo, Francesco Bruni, Luca Lionello, Max Malatesta, Agnese Nano, Anna Iodice, Sergio Basile, Annalisa D’Ambrosio and Filippo Pierangeli.


Directed by Caterina Carone, the film is based on a story by Mario Luridiana and Remo Tebaldi who also wrote the screenplay together with AnnaPavignano, Alessio Galbiati and Caterina Carone. Director of photography is Daniele Ciprì, editing is by Enrica Gatto, scenography by Giuliano Pannuti, costumes by Chiara Ferrantini, sound by Iacopo Pineschi and music by Nicola Piovani.