Lenny Kravitz naked in the video of the new single, the secret of the physique: diet and training

The king is naked. That’s what they call him, “the King”. This is Lenny Kravitz, who is currently setting the internet ablaze with a post on Instagram and other various social networks in which he shares frames of a video where he shows himself naked, with a sculpted physique and a beauty that is truly impossible not to notice.

The musician returns with a new single and a related video clip, in which we will see him as his mother made him… The new song will be available from 6pm today, but in the meantime the frames showing him naked are setting the internet ablaze. “My heart can’t take this,” writes one social media user. Lenny Kravitz leaves everyone speechless with just ten seconds of video excerpt (which you can see at the bottom of this article).

“TK421 Music Video”, he writes in support of the few but very eloquent seconds of video clip to launch the countdown that separates us from his new song, available in a few hours.
Brown leather trousers and effect tank top naked, at least as regards the very few moments in which he is seen dressed, because then for the rest of the video it is only the tattoos that act as clothing for the legendary rock musician. We see him move very seductively in a bathtub.

“I was in the middle of the second year of a three-year world tour when Covid hit,” Kravitz told Billboard a few months ago. “So I’m really happy to be able to go back on tour and play and share that unique experience with people.”

For now the tour dates have not yet been announced, however it is known for certain that in 2024 Lenny Kravitz will return to perform live. To the delight of his many fans, who already exploded with enthusiasm at the idea of ​​seeing him again in the video clip he just gave a taste of on social media. Let’s say that Lenny Kravitz’s wall has been bursting with comments ever since he shared this content, with those saying that he has no words left and those who would like that video to “last three hours”.

You can watch the excerpt of the video clip of Lenny Kravitz’s new song in the video at the bottom of this article.

A toned and sculpted physique

Lenny Kravitz is considered one of the greatest sex symbols of our era. If you think that he is 59 years old and that he is turning 60, which he will celebrate next May, it is almost hard to believe it. As the few seconds of the extract of the video clip that the musician offers to his followers clearly highlights, the rocker’s physique is highly statuesque, toned and sculpted. In short, a physicality that has nothing to envy of his twenty-year-old colleagues.

“I prefer to be surrounded by nature than lock myself in a gym,” the singer declared some time ago, explaining that he loves to train in the open air, spending long days cycling around the island where he lives.
Lenny Kravitz also does paddle boarding and long walks. His incredible physique is also thanks to Dodd Romeo, his remote personal trainer who has been following him for a quarter of a century. Thanks to Romeo’s 25 years of honorable service, Lenny Kravitz always carries the rope with him (because jumping it is one of his favorite things to do). He also seems to do a lot of exercises such as pull-ups, squats, push-ups and sit-ups.

To maintain the physique he shows in the video of which you can see a few seconds in the clip at the bottom of this article, the sacrifice is high: Kravitz trains five or even six times a week, doing four fundamental exercises to train his abdominals, biceps and back muscles.
As he himself has explained on several occasions, he usually does a two-minute warm-up and then moves on to jumping rope, curls, free body squats and knee raises on the bar.

Healthy eating is also the secret to Lenny Kravitz’s toned physique

Not only physical activity but also a healthy and balanced diet make Lenny Kravitz’s physique far from being what usually characterizes an almost sixty-year-old.
The musician follows a vegan diet and prefers raw food recipes and products that are much more local: in his case we are even talking about a few metres, given that many of the vegetables he consumes come directly from his personal garden.
In his dish the predominant color of the vegetables is green. His diet is in fact rich in broccoli, lettuce, cabbage and okra (which is his favorite fruit, called soursop).

Now he often opts for raw food recipes while previously he was a “follower” of the raw food philosophy for an entire year, whereby he ate only raw vegetables and fruit. His current diet does not include sugar, while he consumes carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, pancakes and waffles.

Below you will find the excerpt of the video clip of Lenny Kravitz’s new song, with a preview of his performance in an Adamic costume.