Lenny Kravitz, the collaboration with Peggy Gou for the single I Believe in Love Again

Producer on his debut album as a singer, Peggy Gou he explained how the nineties enormously influenced his music. A lover of dance, house and rave music of that era, Peggy has also always been fascinated by R&B. She and it’s her with the R&B icon, Lenny Kravitzwho signed his new single, I Believe In Love Again.

The collaboration with Peggy Gou

“I listened to his album endlessly 5 of 1998″, confessed Peggy Gou regarding her passion for Lenny Kravitz. “But his entire discography is fantastic, absolutely timeless”. The producer explained that Lenny Kravitz entered the studio making vocal part a magical melody, writing new texts and giving his song an incredible guitar riff. What is he talking about I Believe In Love Again? Of positivity, of hope, and of something to continue to believe in.

Who is Peggy Gou

At 8 years old, Peggy Gou began studying piano. At 14, she was sent to study in the United Kingdom. She here she came back when she was 18, to study at London College of Fashion. She started frequenting London clubs, from Plastic People to Corsica Studios, and she got noticed behind the console by the promoter of Cirque Le Soir, who offered her a fixed evening at the Book Club, in East London. She therefore left fashion school and learned to produce, sparking the anger of her parents who prevented her from returning to Korea without first completing her studies. So she returned to the classroom, continued her fashion studies, became the London correspondent for the Korean edition of Harper’s Bazar, and founded a its brand (Kirin) with the help of Virgil Abloh. The love for music, however, never abandoned her. So she chose to move to Berlin, cultivating the dream of performing at Berghain. She released her first EPs in 2016 ed she became the first Korean DJ to play at the world’s most famous techno club, Berghain. From then on, Peggy Gou racked up one success after another. She has released EPs, performed at major festivals around the world, and achieved global fame. Until today, with the collaboration with a legend of the caliber of Lenny Kravitz.