Lenovo presents the new versatile and powerful Yoga line

The new Yogas all come with Windows 11 and a new keyboard with larger flat keycaps designed for more comfortable and precise typing.

For example, the Yoga Pro line features an updated version of the Lenovo X Power2, a set of hardware and software features that work together for a faster, smoother creative experience. They promise to be faster in video editing and preview generation. Among the many models presented also the new Book 9 with dual display. The flagship of the series, it is the first notebook with a 13.3-inch full-size OLED dual screen. A product that allows you to take advantage of the experience of a laptop together with the flexibility of multi-tasking. For example, you can watch content on one screen and take notes on the other.

More powerful yoga for professionals

Federico Carozzi, Head of Product Marketing Lenovo: “The end user of these premium products are the creators, users who produce a lot of digital content. Today we are presenting a preview of the Yogas which are our family of premium products aimed at this type of user . people who produce and process a lot of digital content and who need devices that support these habits and needs. The main quality of this product is performance but also aesthetics. Obviously we are talking about high-end products, the design therefore the refinement in the design of the product itself as the user who buys them wants an aesthetically beautiful product and a strong focus on eco-sustainability.”