Leolandia, expected a turnover of 40 million and 1 million visitors

In the first part of the year, the Lombard structure recorded growing data compared to 2022 and, in fact, aligned with 2019. The president, Giuseppe Ira, spoke about it

Leolandia, the first theme park in terms of size and number of visitors in Lombardy, has a positive balance. In fact, in the first part of the year, the structure recorded data that increased compared to 2022 and, in fact, were in line with 2019. These are numbers that make it possible to forecast the closing at 40 million euros in turnover with one million visitors. The decision to modulate the offer proposed on the basis of an increasingly extreme climate has had a positive influence, making the park attractive both during the hottest periods and in case of bad weather. In particular, Leolandia has increased the offer of wet areas by 33%, for a total of over 10,000 m2, including children’s pools, water games and water rides. In addition, the programming of shows, events, live entertainment and indoor attractions has been increased, which allow you to shelter even in the event of thunderstorms. The offer of shows this year has increased to 9 titles.

Recent investments

“The investments of recent years, combined with the efficiency of expenses, have allowed us to significantly increase Ebitda, which this year, according to our forecasts and the current trend, will grow by 15% compared to 2022″, he assured Giuseppe Ira, president of Leolandia. “Since the pandemic we have had to inject liquidity to keep the facility open: still today everything we collect is reinvested to improve the park. By 2025, two new aquatic areas will be built, with new attractions dedicated to a group of older children, up to 12 years of age. We are planning investments of 20 million euros, intended to make the park increasingly attractive on an international scale,” he explained. “Already today, more than half of the guests come from outside the region and abroad. To welcome them, we rely on affiliated hotels, but we do not rule out building our own hotel units”.

Difficulties in finding personnel

One criticality encountered, however, was that linked to the work front. Despite the numbers of a large company, Leolandia, which in the high season involves over 600 employees, has encountered difficulties in the search and recruitment of personnel over the past two years. “Finding staff has become a painstaking job also because we are not located in a territory with a tourist vocation and we suffer competition from the entire Lombard production system. The pool of university students who used to make ends meet by working in the park, especially in the summer, is dwindling,” Ira said. To overcome the difficulties, however, different strategies have been put in place. “We have extended the season, which this year started in mid-February and will end after the Epiphany, to guarantee longer periods of employment and we offer greater flexibility towards workers, also with a view to guaranteeing the best possible balance between work and private life. We are also studying the possibility of making accommodation available for those coming from outside,” concluded Ira.