Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid’s romance is apparently getting intense

Although many expected Leonardo Dicaprio enjoyed the life of an eligible bachelor again, he set his eyes on Gigi Hadid just a few weeks after the breakup. Less than a month after their split was confirmed, the actor was seen getting comfortable with Hadid in New York City, as seen in photos obtained by the DailyMail.

The couple have been spotted together on multiple occasions, but a source told the Daily Mail they weren’t “exclusive” yet and it seemed to be for good reason. A source told Page Six that “[DiCaprio] he is not someone who is going in and out of relationships. It does not jump from one side to another to connect. They’re taking it slow“.

According to The US Sunsince they are both high-profile celebrities, DiCaprio concentrates on keeping things as private as possible while getting to know Hadid.

A source told the outlet, “He’s been saying he really feels like he’s ready to do a George Clooney and meet the right person; Now he feels like he can.”

While they are reportedly taking things slow, things are definitely getting more and more intense for the couple.

Leonardo DiCaprio seems serious about Gigi Hadid

Although, according to reports, Leonardo Dicaprio Y Gigi Hadid they’re taking things slow, that hasn’t stopped their romance from naturally progressing to the next level. A source recently told People that DiCaprio “has a crush on Gigi” and that she “is the type of woman he’s usually attracted to.” Apparently, the new couple have known each other for years, as they have mutual friends and “seen at events, clubs, restaurants and gatherings.”

A source told People: “She has a son and is mature. He wants to be with someone who has the same idea of ​​good causes and political views as he does.” DiCaprio has apparently “always had a soft spot” for Hadid, a source told Us Weekly, who also revealed that the pair are now officially and exclusively dating.

Despite his recent split from Camila Morrone and his reputation for pursuing women under 25, DiCaprio seems focused on pursuing something more serious and mature at the moment. A source told Us Weekly: “At nearly 48, he’s becoming a lot more relaxed and hinting to his friends that he’s a lot less interested in that playboy lifestyle.” And while things are still very new for Hadid and DiCaprio, their romance doesn’t appear to be just a fling.