Leonardo DiCaprio on holiday in Caserta with his parents, visit the Royal Palace and eat pizza

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Between the Royal Apartments and the eighteenth-century Gardens Royal Palace of Casertatourists noticed an unusual visitor – Leonardo DiCaprio, traveling in Italy with the parents. After admiring the artistic and architectural beauties of Campania, the Hollywood star did not give up on discovering the culinary tradition of our country and enjoyed a tasty pizza baked by the gourmet pizza maker Sasa Martucci in the note I Masanielli pizzeria. The owner shared a souvenir photo with the actor on Facebook, who was wearing a baseball cap, white t-shirt, and gray hoodie. “I still can’t believe it, but I had the pleasure of welcoming Leonardo DiCaprio and his family to my pizzeria in Caserta,” wrote Martucci. “They came to eat like ordinary people. They wanted to try more pizzas and I was proud to let them know my area, we told them about the products we use and they really appreciated it. Valuing the area means this, investing in yourself with the awareness of being able to express potential, build quality and content, because we have so much to give. The Masaniellis bring Caserta to the world and attract the world to Caserta, and this is something extraordinary”.


DiCaprio thus rediscovered his Italian origins, which have their roots in the province of Caserta. Although they were both born in Piedimonte d’Alife, the great-grandparents Salvatore Di Caprio and Rosina Cassella had met in the United States, where they were married in 1893.