Leonardo DiCaprio risked his health to prevent his dogs from drowning and jumped into a frozen lake

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo Dicaprio He is remembering the time when he was willing to risk his health to prevent his huskies from drowning in a frozen lake.

During a segment of Around the table from Entertainment Weekly for his new movie Don’t Look Up, the 47-year-old actor referred to the incident of jumping into the icy water to rescue his dogs: Jack Y Jill.

DiCaprio detailed the rescue of the mascot when his co-stars cheered on the star of the Titanic to tell the story. Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Tyler Perry, Jonah Hill and the director of the film Adam McKay they were also present during the discussion.

“Basically they both fell into a frozen lake”DiCaprio said during the segment. “I didn’t understand what you do on a frozen lake.”

Co-star Lawrence, 31, jumped into the conversation and shared her side of the rescue story.

“One of the dogs fell and jumped into the frozen lake to save the dog”, he shared.

Leonardo Dicaprio together with his dogs Jack and Jill, when they were just puppies

DiCaprio went on to say that he and his two canines met in the icy water of the lake, and that their dogs liked each other.

Lawrence then said that the star of Revenant he undressed in the car to warm up his body.

Previously, DiCaprio saved a man who fell off a yacht in St. Barts in 2019, according to the media outlet.