Leonardo DiCaprio: “Sharon Stone paid my fee for the film The Quick and the Quick”

Leonardo DiCaprio confirmed he had received a big favor from Sharon Stone at the beginning of her career. In 2021 the actress had told in her autobiography The beauty of living twice of having paid the future star’s fee out of his own pocket For the western movie Ready to die of 1995, because the production company did not want to hire the then emerging actor. “I thanked her many times,” DiCaprio said in an interview with AND! News. “I don’t know if I sent her a real physical thank you, but I will never be able to thank her enough. She is amazing. She did it with me and with Russell Crowe at the time.”


DiCaprio said that Stone had seen not only his performance in the film Happy Birthday Mr. Grape of 1993, for which he received his first ever Oscar nomination, but also Crowe’s performance in the film Skinheads of 1992 on racism in Australia. “He said,”these are the two actors I want to work with”. It’s incredible. She’s a big believer in filmmaking and giving opportunities to other actors, so I’m very grateful to her.” Stone, star and producer of Ready to diebet everything on the young actor: “This guy named Leonardo DiCaprio he was the only one to pass the auditionin my opinion: he was the only one who showed up and cried, begging his father to love him as he died in the scene” wrote the actress in her autobiography, as reported Insiders. “The production company said that if I wanted it badly, I could pay for it with my salary. So I did.” Thanks to Stone’s foresight, then, DiCaprio has cultivated a brilliant career amidst the wreckage of Titanic alongside Kate Winslet, Oscar nominations for Best Actor for The Aviator, Blood Diamond – Blood diamonds, The Wolf of Wall Street and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and winning the award in the same category for Revenant – Revived. The actor is currently in theaters with the film Killers of the Flower Moon by Martin Scorsese, where he stars alongside Robert De Niro.


In the western Ready to die directed by Sam Raimi, Stone plays Ellen, a gunslinger who comes to the frontier town of Redemption controlled by the ruthless John Herod (played by Gene Hackman). To take revenge for the death of her father, which occurred years before her at the hands of Herod, the protagonist participates in a series of duels to legally kill the enemy during the tournament.