Leonardo Pieraccioni guest on Stories on Monday 22 January

AND Leonardo Pieraccioni the protagonist of the new episode of “Stories”the series of interviews with the main performers of the show Sky TG24. Guest of the newspaper’s deputy editor Omar Schillacidirected by Roberto Contacts the actor and director talks about himself in “Leonardo Pieraccioni – The curve of a smile”. On air Monday 22 January at 9.00pm on Sky TG24, Saturday 27 January at 1.30pm on Sky Art it is always available On Demand.

At the cinema with his latest film: It seems a lot like Paris. The memory of an unforgettable childhood. The beginnings to tell. The love of the public. Leonardo Pieraccioni tells his story between past, present and a great desire to laugh and make people laugh. His fifteenth directorial effort, with a story that “a friend of mine told me 14 years ago”, that of a dying father and a poorly united family. The last wish, to go to Paris with the children and this is how these “wicked but hyper poetic bad boys” they convince him that they are going with a caravan to the French capital, without ever leaving home. Arrived” on the top of the hill the distant lights of Pisa were reminiscent of the Ville Lumière. His father opened a wonderful smile on his lips, which they had never seen, and he said ‘Paris is wonderful…‘”

A chat that starts from afar, at the Pieraccioni house, in the center of Florence where “I grew up with a problem, which is that of humor and laughter. I heard a lot of laughter in my house. I grew up inside that poetic superficiality. I would always like to relive my first 14 years”. An exuberance that was difficult to contain even at school, given that “in reality my classmates were my first audience and even the teacher laughed under her breath, even if she was then forced to give me a 4” – he jokes. One might say he was predestined, but he still faced the very hard years of his apprenticeship: “Once at the service station there was the possibility of making a business card and I wrote ‘Leonardo Pieraccioni, professional auditioner’. I must have done about sixty of them and they never took me. The only one who sensed that there might be something was Raffaella Carrà who then took me to say ‘Fantastic’”. A success that then arrived, rampant, making him one of the undisputed protagonists of Italian comedy with masterpieces such as “The Graduates” (which will turn 30 next year), or “Il Ciclone”, his most successful film, “I have a Cecchi Gori brochure where he announced I Graduates 2 and instead I said to him ‘look, but I have this story about these dancers arriving in this farmhouse…’ ‘what dancers!’ – he said – ‘Flamenco dancers in Italy have never worked too well. We have to do Graduates 2’. Then, I explained the story to him well and I did it.” Then again “I love you in all the languages ​​of the world”, “for me, one of the funniest” or “A beautiful wife”, one success after another, the pleasure of the audience’s laughter as fuel for creativity. A lesson learned years ago, also thanks to my friend Francesco Nuti: “I would call him from the phone and tell him ‘I went to see your film’ and he would ask me questions that I would then ask in the years to come. ‘Were they laughing?’ ‘Of course they were laughing.’ ‘But where did they laugh the most?’ And I was like, ‘What does he care?’ Instead they are very precise surveys”. A lesson that he has always carried with him, even at the theatre, his second home, where he performed for years with Carlo Conti and Giorgio Panariello, his lifelong friends. “When you see people laugh and this wave is created… for me it’s worth at least 3 David di Donatello and two other random awards”. Not only an actor, comedian and director, there is also a Pieraccioni father, madly in love with his daughter, who loves to tell: “I’m the wrong dad, very wrong. I always tell her yes. Good thing mom’s here. After the screening of ‘Pare Parecchio Parigi’ she was moved and told me ‘You made a good film’, I thanked her for coming and she replied ‘I will always come’”.