Leonardo Pieraccioni unrecognizable to the sea: never seen like this

He shows himself to the sea, but Leonardo Pieraccioni is truly unrecognizable: never seen like this before, the actor leaves everyone speechless.

The Italian show business is full of very important names, but among these we cannot help but mention him: Leonardo Pieraccioni. Actor, director, comedian and much more, the Florentine beloved boasts of a truly absolute success both because of his film and television career and for his social shots.

Leonardo Pieraccioni unrecognizable. credits: instagram

We are in the middle of the summer and also Leonardo Pieraccioni – as well as the famous actress who chose to show herself in costume to launch a message of body positivity – she wanted to show herself to the sea. In fact, in recent days, our social message boards are full of shots of people portraying themselves on the beach, on a boat or on vacation. The famous Pieraccioni also wanted to join them. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, everyone does. What, however, leaves everyone speechless is that the good Leonardo in this shot is completely unrecognizable. It is therefore a totally unmissable shot – just like the one shared some time ago with Carlo Conti – and which immediately captured everyone’s attention. Are you ready to see it too? You will hardly believe it’s really him!

Leonardo Pieraccioni unrecognizable to the sea: you will struggle to believe it is him

There are those today who are unrecognizable because they have changed considerably over the years. And who, on the other hand, is because he had never shown himself to his audience in this way. This is precisely the example of Leonardo Pieraccioni, that during a day at the beach he was immortalized in completely new garments. “I have no great dimility”, wrote the beloved Florentine actor in support of this funny shot.

We do not know who took the photo – even if Carlo Conto congratulates the photographer – but we can loudly confirm that Leonardo Pieraccioni in this photo is completely unrecognizable. On the other hand, it is really impossible to imagine that he is behind this great swimming mask and hat. Do you also want to know what we are talking about? Take a look here:

pieraccioni unrecognizable
Leonardo Pieraccioni. Credits: Instagram

Would you ever have recognized him? We absolutely don’t!

Who is the girlfriend?

A summer full of love, that of Leonardo Pieraccioni. After about 10 years from his history with Laura Torrisi, the Florentine actor has found serenity. Her name is Teresa Magni, she is 16 years younger than him, she would seem not to belong to the world of entertainment – even if she is not known about her profession – and she is really a shock.

pieraccioni unrecognizable
Leonardo Teresa. Credits: Instagram

They are really beautiful together, no doubt about it! Our sincere wishes for a splendid life go out to them.