Leopolda 2021, Renzi: “We don’t give up”

The leader of Italia Viva opens Leopolda 11 and quotes Pasolini: “Sooner or later the lying castle will collapse”

“We started with Leopolda number 11 – and who would have thought it – to the tune of ‘Lucky boy’ and when I see many people who are together to share politics, I can say that I am a lucky boy”. Thus Matteo Renzi opening Leopolda 11, underlining that “we have deep values, this is Leopolda. We started 11 years ago and no one believed in us”.

“We are strong and lucky despite doing everything to put us in difficulty and attack us, if anyone ever thought that we would give up, this someone had the best answer tonight”.

“The best thing that Italia Viva is doing is not having saved the country from the populist tragedy and having brought Draghi to the government. The most beautiful queue is to bet on a group of young fans of politics”, explained Renzi, who then presented on stage the boys and girls who will help him ‘direct’ the event.

“There is an investigation into Leopolda but we are dedicating a space tomorrow at 6.30 to this political process on politics, in the rest what has always been done at Leopolda is being done: launching ideas for the future of the country and not chasing controversy, real or alleged scandals “. So Renzi quotes “a sentence from Pier Paolo Pasolini. ‘They will not be able to lie forever. They will have to respond, sooner or later to reason with reason, to ideas with ideas, to sentiment with sentiment. And then they will be silent: their castle of blackmail, violence and lies will collapse ‘. Ideas, reason, feeling: this is your home “.