L’Eredità, Liorni towards hosting: the decisive meeting soon in Rai

According to what Adnkronos understands, a meeting is scheduled between the company and the host’s manager, Lucio Presta. And meanwhile Carlo Conti says no: “I have already given, don’t count on me”

Now all that’s missing is the signature: Marco Liorni would now be very close to hosting ‘L’Eredità’, which should be made official in the next few days. According to what Adnkronos has learned, by the end of the week, at the beginning of the next at the latest, a decisive meeting is expected between Rai and the host’s manager, Lucio Presta, which would sign the agreement between Liorni and the company for the flagship early evening program, until last year hosted by Flavio Insinna, starting from January 2nd. Liorni’s choice would have materialized after the decision not to broadcast Pino Insegno on Rai1’s early evening show, in light of the less-than-exciting ratings of ‘Merchant in the Fair’ on Rai2.

According to what we learn, if Liorni took the helm of ‘L’Eredità’ he would not lose the hosting of ‘Italia Sì’, the program he has hosted on Rai 1 since 2018 every Saturday from 5.00pm to 6.45pm, and which features ordinary people who share their lives in front of the public and guests in the studio. The company’s choice would be dictated by the large following of the presenter, who currently – hosting ‘Reazione a Catena’ – creates a very strong driving force for Tg1, with share peaks at 26%. Therefore, the situation would effectively remain the current one, with Liorni at the helm of both the early evening program (which from ‘Chain Reaction’ would become ‘L’Eredità’) and the Saturday afternoon programme.

Carlo Conti and the ‘no’ to management: “I have already given, don’t count on me…”

“Don’t count on me, no, I’ve already given. I did it for 15 years with love and passion, I made it grow. Even today if a boy meets me he asks me ‘you say shock’ or ‘guillotine’, which were the cult phrases of the time.” Meanwhile, Carlo Conti is speaking as a guest on Un Giorno da Pecora on Rai Radio1, interviewed by Giorgio Lauro and Geppi Cucciari on the hypothesis of being the new host of ‘L’Eredità’.

“Me leaving Rai? And why, if a marriage is going well, why change? I feel good, I also have the possibility of proposing new programmes, why change if you feel comfortable with a wife. I am a very faithful man, in life and in work”, adds the Tuscan host.