Less than 210 kg thanks to Vite al Limite, sensational! What happened to it today? Shock news arrives

She lost 210 kg thanks to Vite al Limite, sensational! Do you know what happened today? A shocking news arrives: you won’t be pleased to hear it.

There have been many shock transformations that have alternated in Dr. Nowzaradan’s office, but this was certainly among the most sensational. Told during the sixth season of Lives on the Limit, the story of the Iranian surgeon’s beloved patient left everyone speechless.

How are you today after Vite al Limite. Credits: Discovery

At the time of her participation in Lives on the Edge, the woman from Freeport was only 35 years old. Her weight, however, far exceeded 300 kg and she – given her poor health – could no longer live like that. To worsen her physical and mental state, it was not only her weight that was too much of her, but also a large lymphedema in her legs that did not allow her good mobility at all. In fact, to the television cameras of the program, the woman said that she used to remain motionless in bed waiting for someone to help her carry out even the simplest daily actions. In short, what she was forced to live could not absolutely be defined as life. This is what prompted her to ask for help. And thank goodness she did it, we would dare to say: thanks to Dr. Nowzaradan’s diet and her magnificent journey to Vite al Limite she has lost weight exactly 210 kg. What happened to it today? Let’s find out together!

He loses 210 kg at Vite al Limite: sensational what happened next

Do you remember the story of Liz Evans, protagonist of the sixth season of Lives on the Limit? The woman said she came to weigh 327 kg due to her past. Not only as a child she discovered that she had a pathology that does not allow her to walk well, but she was also the victim of a violent father and various sexual harassment. Very similar to the Lisa Ebberson story, don’t you think?

Liz’s past, therefore, strongly influenced her present and her weight. In food, the Freeport woman found her best friend to her, but she never expected that at the age of 35 she would weigh more than 300 kg and she would be unable to make any kind of movement. This is what prompted her to ask for help and, despite her ups and downs, to lose weight a lot. Think, we’re talking about ben 210 kg less: a great result! After saying goodbye to the show 12 months after her first meeting, Liz weighed 167 kg. She returned once in an episode of Vite al Limite and then, however, she lost another 100, reaching a weight of 117 kg. What happened to her today? This is where, unfortunately, some shocking news comes: there is no news! It would seem, in fact, that Evans is not at all subscribed to social networks.

210 kg lives to the limit
Liz Evans today. Credits: Discovery

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