Letizia of Spain, clothing is not luxury: have you noticed the dress?

The Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz around the beautiful Balearic islands does not go unnoticed: have you noticed the dress she wore?

Consort of King Philip VI of Spain, the magnificent Queen Letizia Ortiz wandering around in beautiful Palma de Mallorca. She certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. She has in fact sported a look certainly ‘different’ from what one would expect from a member of a royal family, yet the magnificent one Letizia of Spain always reveals to have a great class. Have you noticed her dress?

Letizia of Spain (Credits: Instagram)

Born in 1972, she was a journalist by profession before becoming a member of the Spanish royal family. Letizia Ortiz has been the Queen of Spain since 2004 because she is the consort of King Philip VI of Spain. From her marriage to today, she has certainly become a prominent figure who certainly does not go unnoticed in front of the cameras. For the past few days, she has been spending time relaxing on the beautiful island of Palma de Mallorca with her two daughters, Leonor and Sofia and the King’s mother-in-law, Queen Sofia. Someone wondered why her spouse was not present with her family. Apparently, King Philip VI was busy celebrating President Gustavo Petro in Columbia. Between dinners on the beautiful Balearic island and outdoor walks among the colors and flavors of Palma de Mallorca, the whole family has certainly not gone unnoticed especially for Letizia di Spagna’s look, have you noticed her dress?

Letizia Ortiz of Spain, the Queen’s look does not go unnoticed

The look of the Queen consort of the King of Spain caught the eye of the most attentive who soon realized that it is a low cost garment. No brands, no luxury outfits, none of this. Letizia of Spain she is ‘one of us’. With refined and simple tastes, she has chosen for her look a low cost garment in shades of pink, which turns out to be her favorite color.

On holiday in Palma de Mallorca with fresh and colorful looks. The pink dress she wore for the royal women’s night out is di Zara and is sold at the price of only 39 euros. An extremely cheap and simple look that certainly does not lose its class. She immediately went around the web the shot that immortalized the wife of the King of Spain wearing an economy dress. But now that she’s caught the eye, they all want it! Well, here is the dress in question:

letizia of spain
Letizia Ortiz of Spain (Credits: Twitter)

To the dress, the splendid Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano has combined a pretty clutch bag that incorporates the same motif of the dress worn. To accompany it all, a simple and natural makeup and loose hair. You like it?