Let’s talk about Shakira’s famous witch: How much does it cost and where do you get it?

We’ve seen plenty of celebrity extravagances in recent years, but perhaps one of the most surprising is the witch who Shakira he had on his balcony. Yes, as you read it. A witch, who in addition to attracting the attention of the neighbors, became world news and generated great curiosity to know where it can be found and how much it costs.

Keep reading because in this article, we tell you all the details about this strange acquisition of the Colombian singer.

The famous witch on Shakira’s balcony

This story that seems to come out of a comedy film has its genesis in the journalist Jordi Basté, from RAC1, who was the first to reveal the existence of the witch on the balcony of Shakira’s house. According to the communicator, the figure was placed in the corner of the balcony, but shrunk so as not to attract much attention. However, when the news became public, the singer’s domestic service decided to lift her up and put her at her maximum height, about 1.83 meters, so that she was more visible.

Since then, the witch has become a cult object for many onlookers who came to Shakira’s house to photograph her. The domestic service was in charge of grooming her every day so that she looked perfect, and the press even covered the witch’s state of health directly during a storm in Barcelona.

How much does Shakira’s witch cost?

After so much commotion, it is not surprising that many people want to have a witch just like Shakira’s in their home. But where is it obtained and how much does it cost?

As we have found, the witch that Shakira had on her balcony is an Amazon product that sells for 34.99 Euros (which is 38 dollars or 25,000 Chilean pesos).

This is a life-size mannequin, wearing a black dress and a pointy hat, who has a rather sinister expression. Apparently, he is the same model that Shakira bought for her house.

Photo of Shakira's witch mannequin that can be purchased online / SOURCE: AMAZON
Photo of Shakira’s witch mannequin that can be purchased online / SOURCE: AMAZON

The witch in front of the house of Shakira’s in-laws

But the witch’s story does not end there. According to the Spanish program “Más Vale Tarde”, the singer finally decided to remove the figure from her balcony after the mother of her ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué, Montserrat Bernabeu, asked her to.

Apparently, the witch was looking directly at Bernabeu’s house, and this caused some discomfort in the family.

According to journalist Marc Leirado Millan, Bernabeu even asked Shakira’s staff to turn the witch around so she wouldn’t look towards his house, since they both live on the same street.