Letta attacks La Russa on April 25: “Serious words, dishonors the Senate”

The an interview with The print, the outgoing secretary of the Democratic Party attacks the president of Palazzo Madama for the interview given to the same newspaper in which he defined the anniversary as a celebration “for the prerogative of a certain left in which something other than freedom and democracy is celebrated”. “Do not look for alibis, these are unacceptable words from the second office of the state”, thunders the leader dem

Enrico Letta returns to ignite the controversy over the words of the president of Palazzo Madama Ignazio La Russa, who in an interview with The print he spoke of April 25, defining it as a party “for the prerogative of a certain left” where “freedom and democracy are not celebrated but something completely different”. “Serious and unacceptable words from those who hold the second position of the State,” the outgoing secretary of the Democratic Party told the same newspaper. Who added: “Do not seek alibis, so dishonors the Senate.”

A role to be honored

“La Russa is president of the Senate and therefore also alternate of the President of the Republic. This is the most unitary role that exists and precisely for this reason it should be honored by avoiding statements and attitudes that instead divide ”, explained the leader of the dem. Who then added on the co-founder of Fratelli d’Italia: “The day of his inauguration I was struck by the quote from Luciano Violante and I even believed that he would try to follow in his footsteps, playing the same superpartes role and building the same bridges . Instead he does not give up on being what he has always been ”.


“I saw that he tried to fix the shot but, if possible, he made things worse. His is just an alibi, however weak ”, continued Letta. “The President of the Senate can always remedy it, declaring that if he has that role he owes it to April 25, the day that marked freedom for all Italians. Even for those who were on the wrong side”, added the dem leader. He then concluded: “I am waiting for him in the square. He has a great opportunity for pacification and he must take advantage of it. As long as he says the opposite of what he said”.

The words of La Russa

In an interview with The print published on October 30, in La Russa he had been asked if he had celebrated the feast of the Liberation from Nazi-Fascism and he had replied: “It depends. Of course I will not parade in the processions as they are held today. Because there is no celebration of freedom and democracy but something completely different, the prerogative of a certain left “. Then he specified that he had always lived in his family “a ferocious condemnation of racial laws” and that he had “a very close relationship with the Milanese Jewish community”.