Letta challenged at the procession for the peace of Rome

Secretary Dem in the crosshairs of some demonstrators

He arrives while the procession is already in via Merulana, a stone’s throw from the goal of San Giovanni, but the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta is greeted by some objection in Rome. Especially the pacifists reproach him for supporting the sending of weapons to Kiev, but also for the leadership of the Democratic Party: “In disarray, you are in disarray,” some protesters in favor of cameras say. “Just send weapons”, some participants in the procession reproach him, while the hottest ones, in spite of the procession in the name of peace, also address some ‘vaffa’ to the dem leader.

NAZARENO – “Few extremists cannot soil a beautiful demonstration” underline sources from the Nazarene. “Today we felt at home” they add.

WITH YOU – “By sending weapons, the whole world is handed over to nuclear conflict” Giuseppe Conte told Tg1 who, when asked about Enrico Letta’s presence at the Rome demonstration, explained: “It was important to be here. possible presences, however, it is clear that they must be consequent, one cannot be alone in the square and in Parliament not to be consequent “.