Letta: “No more free internships and internships for young people”

“In our country, the first job for a boy or a girl is indecent”

In our country, the first job for a boy or a girl is indecent“. The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, said this during a meeting in Viterbo in support of the candidate for mayor Alessandra Troncarelli.”We must make the commitment that there will be no more free internships or internships. Never again, we mustn’t fool kids by telling them that their first job is a concession. ”

MINIMUM SALARY – On minimum wage “it is important to be able to give a signal by the end of the term. The issue is rightfully taking hold in many economies similar to ours, it is important if we take a big step forward. Within the legislature it would be ideal, otherwise we will present it within the project for the next elections “.

ELECTIONS – “Getting one or two percent more in the election doesn’t have to be a matter of life and death. If we take 1% more but then we remain alone and have not built an alliance – as has unfortunately happened in the past, when we have not been able to build a winning coalition – getting that 1 or 2% more doesn’t get you anything and wins the rights. Once you have won the right, you have brought Salvini or Meloni to govern our country, even if we take 10% more, we will always be considered as those who handed over the country to the right “.