Letta sees Fratoianni-Bonelli: “Steps forward, decision in 48 hours”

Si-Verdi recorded the “strong will” of agreement on the part of the dem. Reiterated no to Draghi’s agenda, there is also a colleges node

It still takes 48 hours to reach a decision. But the meeting with the Pd group in the Chamber, which lasted about an hour and a half, between Enrico Letta and Nicola Fratoianni with Angelo Bonelli leaves the door open to an understanding. For the Nazarene, “steps forward” were made while the Italian Left and the Greens recorded the “strong will” of the dem secretary to reach an agreement and also “important attention” to the issues raised. But some internal steps are still needed to close. Both on the issues but also on the point of the colleges.

Indeed, after the Pd-Action pact, the ‘rossoverdi’ complained of an “imbalance”. On the issues side, first of all. Today Fratoianni reiterated that “for us the idea that an alliance that sees the Draghi agenda at the center is impracticable for us and that agreements, established with other forces, cannot be binding”. And on the side also of the electoral agreements reached between the Democratic Party and Action: that is the 70/30 division of the colleges between the dem and centrists. Even this and the need for a ‘rebalancing’ were discussed in the face to face with Letta.

“If we also talked about colleges? Of course. But this – says the leader of Si – has never been a priority for us”. In light of what has been said – and asked – at the table tonight there will be a further reflection within the parties. And therefore a new meeting. “In the next few hours our alliance will confront each other, we do not own our parties, and then we hope we will make a definitive evaluation within 48 hours.” While Bonelli underlines: “We have represented an inconvenience, not only ours but in the country and Pd must take charge of this inconvenience. We have registered an important attention “.