Levante guest on Stories, broadcast on Thursday 16 March at 21 on Sky Tg24. VIDEO

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Levante, pseudonym of Claudia Lagona, is the protagonist of the new episode of “Stories”the cycle of interviews with the main interpreters of the Sky TG24 show (THE SPECIAL). Guest of the deputy editor of the newspaper Omar Schillacidirected by Robert Contactsthe singer-songwriter talks about herself in “Levante – And if it is a female, it will be called future”broadcast on Thursday 16 March at 21 on Sky TG24, Saturday 18 March at 12.40 on Sky Arte and always available On Demand.

His new album “Opera Futura” (Parlophone and Warner Music Italy), the concert at the Arena di Verona on 27 September, the second participation in Sanremo and the first soundtrack for a film. In the middle: a daughter, the memory of grandmother Rosalia, her first love, Sicily and a tattoo that recalls “take care of yourself”. Of the new recording work he says: “It’s a record full of future, as the title itself says, of hope. In the end I realized that I had made a sort of synthesis of the last ten years: there is something about me from the beginning and something about me that I still don’t know, like a sort of work in progress towards a greater evolution. It’s a record I’m very proud of”.

a journey through time between music and memories

Music and memories in the fun chat that retraces some stages of his life and career. A “journey” through time also undertaken through six people more important than his existence. The very first isGrandma Rosalia, a legend. One and three as I often say because she also represented my father and grandfather to me. Then in January she too passed away… It’s the root, the link with my past. She had a crazy poetry in looking at the world with her simplicity, but always unsettling”. Then Alma Futura: “my daughter. And probably her birth was what prompted me to write”I live” (with which she returned to the Sanremo Festival, ed) in which I speak of the postpartum moment which was, as for many women, a bit troubled, tough, but in that shady room I also managed to pull off something beautiful. A beautiful rebirth”.

And then other important figures including the director of the singing academy “which saved me from giving up on pursuing a musical career” encouraging her after a vocal cord problem and who was the first to tell her “Take care of yourself”, words that “they resonated so strongly within me that I wrote a record, a song and got them tattooed”. And then, Simone Cogo, alias Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the ex-husband with whom she stayed big “friendship we love each other very much”, Carmen Consoli, her heroine who agreed to feature in her song “Lo strictly necessary” (“when I listened to the verse recorded by her I cried for 30 minutes in an unstoppable way. I had made a dream come true”) and Giovanni Veronesi with whom she became friends and who asked her to write her first soundtrack, for the film “Romantica” by Pilar Fogliati (“also for this I will always love him very much“). But there is also the first “crush” as a child and the impression that people have of her: “I realized that the way I present myself to others, my physicality, my gaze and my gestures don’t really communicate who I amI come across as tough and a bit snobbish and they are often amazed because I’m nice, because I make a lot of jokes, because I’m playful and one thing I’ve always been told since I was a child, even in kindergarten is: “But you know what I thought you were nasty? But I have this face here..”