Lewis Capaldi gets a call from Kim Kardashian: the sketch on Instagram PHOTO

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Very busy with live music, the new album and the release of the documentary film Lewis Capaldi: How I’m feeling now available to stream from April 5, Lewis Capaldi does not give up the fun and on Instagram shows his followers the proof of a phone call with Kim Kardashian with whom he would have discussed – he writes – an agreement for Skims, the modeling clothing and underwear brand created by the reality show star. Will it be true?

The phone call with Kim Kardashian

When Lewis Capaldi publishes something on his very popular Instagram profile (which has over six million followers) it is difficult to understand when we are dealing with news and when it is, instead, a joke. The Scottish singer-songwriter is famous and loved for his talent but above all for his great sense of humour which leads him to have fun interpreting, among others, also the role of the fashion icon.

If a few months ago Capaldi had been invited by Asos to act as creative director for a photo shoot for some of the brand’s men’s garments, now the singer has moved on to modeling underwear, a category that allows him to try alluring and seductive poses for his digital audience.
In the post where he shows fans that he is in line with Kim Kardashian, the founder of SkimsThe underwear and swimwear brand famous in the United States but appreciated by women all over the world, Capaldi suggests that his agreement with the brand is a concrete thing. The Daily Mailintrigued by the photos, investigated the existence of a contact between the singer and Skims but received no confirmation.

Capaldi’s agenda: between streaming TV and live music

Lewis Capaldi’s followers liked the gimmick a lot and enthusiastically commented on it on Instagram. While some dream of a crossover between the singer of rush and the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashiansthe twenty-six year old enjoys the affection of his American fans who are enlivening his dates in theaters and arenas.
Before returning to Europe with his tourwhich will affect the United Kingdom and will also touch the city of Milanwith a date at the Assago Forum set for March 8 and postponed to May 31st, Capaldi will perform between April and May far and wide in the States, from Boston to Los Angeles also passing through Canada with a date in Vancouver. The images and videos of his last live in Philadelphia are still available in the Stories of the singer’s Instagram profile, who said he was grateful for the welcome he received.
Waiting for new album, Broken by Desire To Be Heavenly Sentcoming out next May 19thand live dates, fans of the Scottish artist will be able to learn more about the background of the singer’s latest season, characterized by writing and preparations for the tour as well as the problems related to his difficulty in managing success, in the anticipated documentary Lewis Capaldi: How I’m feeling now. The title promises to reveal an intimate side and never before shown by the normally very outgoing star both on social media and on stage.